Mile 2 jetty stinks despite world class model promises

On the spot assessment of the Mile 2 jetty has shown that no work has been carried out as promised by Lagos state government recently.

The state had at a function in August boasted that the jetty would near completion by December and handed over to private operators on ‘Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)’ model.

Mr. Paul Kalejaye, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lagos Ferry Services (LAGFERRY) said in August that necessary steps had been taken and that work would commence the following week.

At the function, Mr Kalejaiye stated that the Governor had approved that the jetty be turned into a world class jetty adding that the Mile 2 jetty was going to have a shopping mall, a cinema and all live activities therein.

In his words, three months ago, he said, “We are going to have a modern jetty there and then it is also going to be the headquarters of Lagos Ferry Services.

“These are good things , it is on the pipeline but I can tell you that we have completed all the necessary soil test, the surveys, the town planning, we have asphalted the place. We would have commenced work there but we have to tarry so that we can get all the necessary approvals. I can tell you now that we are set to commence monumental structure in Mile 2.”

“So, we have taken our time and the Governor is happy , he is pleased to have it concessioned so that we also did not deplete the resources of Lagos. That place has gulped a lot of money but it is going to be Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)”.

But a visit to the jetty recently showed that the promise was just an empty boast as nothing has been done and the jetty overgrown with weeds three months after

The purported ‘world class jetty’ is adorned with grass and “shitty” floor. No sign of work was visible.

Speaking on the development, a man who does nor want his name publidhed said that the project had been on hold due to lack of fund. He added that the bank which had promised to sponsor the project was yet to honour the agreement signed.

“The problem is between us and the bank. Initially, before they concessioner this place, there was an agreement already between my company and the bank.

“That is why we are saying six months, this place will be up and running. After the signing, the banks are now changing the agreement. That is what is really affecting commencement of work here.”

Probing further how soon work woukd commence, the source said, “Anytime I speak with my boss, he always laments on the banks delay.

“I know this place is already giving him headache based on money spent to secure this contract. I believe before the end of January, work would have started” he concluded.

When Mr Paul Kalejaiye, when contacted on phone for clarification on the failed promise about the jetty, was furious..

Mr Kalejaiye queried how our correspondent gained access to the Mile 2 jetty premises. Angrily, he asked “how did you enter our jetty without our permission. Who allowed you inside.”

He however declined further comments on the project.

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